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How Do You Protect Your Critical Data, Retain It And Recover It From Office 365

By January 6, 2017March 8th, 2024Blog

Due to the growing amount of employee laptop and mobile device usage, a large number of organisations are moving their office applications and email solutions to Office 365. With its simple monthly subscription and cloud based productivity for office applications, storage, hosting and data, businesses find they can significantly reduce their IT costs while still increasing the company’s capabilities.

While this move to Office365 may be cost effective and convenient, data loss, accidental deletion, file corruption and ransomware attacks can still occur. With this in mind, Microsoft does offer business users an online storage account with OneDrive, which allows employees to open their hosted email account across multiple devices, store their work file documents in the cloud and access files across various end points.

However even though OneDrive provides cloud storage for users with its 90 day un-delete functionality synchronised across either a local folder or online web account, it only delivers a level of protection suitable for limited personal data and users who casually update their storage. As a result OneDrive may not offer organisations the necessary amount of data protection, as the ideal end point solution needs to be scalable, compliant and able to respond to internal and external threats.

Druva inSync delivers the necessary amount of data protection to businesses as it preserves and discovers information across endpoints and cloud applications including Office365.  Furthermore it dramatically increases the availability and visibility of business critical data while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting data.