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ORIIUM’s Key to Success

By August 2, 2022March 8th, 2024Blog

Delivering Enterprise class solutions to the mid market

Chris Kiaie – Founder

I founded ORIIUM 15 years ago, in 2007 while I was managing the data for a number of financial customers, to combat the two main themes I witnessed in the market at the time:

  1. Mid-market organisations were not getting a fair share of the best technology advice. Larger enterprises were getting the benefit of new innovations such as multi-factor authentication, modern workspace and utility-based infrastructure; and
  2. The whole market was being sold solutions that provided point fixes to larger problems. This is especially apparent in the data and storage market. The sticky plaster approach was in overdrive; VTLs, appliances and multiple solutions to complete a variety of data management tasks.

Fast forward to today, the challenge has shifted. Now it is easier for customers to be overwhelmed with technology options, therefore creating confusion in the marketplace. It is simply impossible for organisations to remain at the forefront of technology in every area. With day to day challenges ranging from cyber security threats to cloud migrations to overnight adaptations and remote working, IT departments can feel like they are working in quicksand just to keep the lights on.

Our core values and business model have not changed since our inception; We work as a channel only IT services provider specialising in the provision of data and application management solutions. Our dedicated data and application teams blend leading technology, over 15+ years of expertise and award-winning support to create technical solutions which are perfect for our partners customers. I am proud to say we currently support 600+ customers (with this number growing daily), with over 25 Petabytes of data under our management for customers operating in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, government and retail sectors.

The ethos for our research and development is simple; To take market leading technology, largely only available to the enterprise world and deliver it in a consumable, affordable format to midmarket customers. Our rigorous vendor selection and development of packaged service removes most of the pain of market evaluation, selection, design and deployment – accelerating customers Time to Value.

Over the past 15 years our service offerings have matured along with us and we now focus on 6 main areas:

  • Backup as a Service – Simplified data protection and recovery for virtual, physical, SaaS and multi cloud environments. We provide unparalleled support for on-premise, hybrid-cloud and SaaS platforms. Our cloud backup service is fully managed by a team of dedicated data experts assuring our customers that their data is protected at all times and can be recovered rapidly on-demand.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – Managed disaster recovery for virtual, physical, SaaS and multi-cloud environments. A fully managed Disaster Recovery service wherever data resides, be that on premise, in the cloud, from the cloud or even between clouds. Trust in the ORIIUM team to help build a DR plan that is flexible and cost effective without compromise.
  • M365 Protection – We provide backup and recovery of the following M365 data sources: Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.
  • Object Storage – Our secure S3 compatible object store is a highly scalable, cost-effective cloud storage solution that enables customers to retain their data in a secure, always on cloud platform. Utilising the S3-compatible API standard, it delivers object-based data immutability capabilities that are effective at protecting data against ransomware attacks and unauthorised data deletion or modification.
  • Data Assessment Services – Our Data Assessment Service is a one-time engagement aimed at gathering data analytics from live data sources and providing a tailor-made report which offers insight into solutions and remediation plans to meet customer’s business objectives.
  • Application Management – Our Application packaging services ensure secure, consistent, and scalable delivery of desktop applications for typical Microsoft Windows based systems. Our application team can help customers easily achieve best in class application experience for their end users whilst providing peace of mind that they are protected at the application layer from malicious attacks and security vulnerabilities.

At ORIIUM, what we do best is ensuring we are at the forefront of change in our area of expertise. This enables our customers to focus on doing what they do best.