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To ensure everyone receives the appropriate gift on Christmas Day, Santa and his elves need to effectively manage a large amount of critical data containing all the gifts that the children and adults wanted for Christmas.

This list is combined with a database that references who has been good and naughty, ensuring that Santa only delivers presents to the children and adults who have been good this year.

Maintaining these different types of data can become burdensome and in the event of data corruption, no one would receive presents unless Santa had an appropriate business continuity plan in place for his facility at the North Pole.

Christmas would indeed be cancelled.

Furthermore with GDPR on the horizon, Santa needs to start thinking about what solutions he has in place to ensure all his data adheres to the new directive, especially with the amount of personal information he is responsible for.  Otherwise apart from upsetting millions of children and adults, he could attract a large fine from the European Union, if he does not manage this appropriately.

With ‘Protect’ from ORIIUM, a managed data protection solution underpinned by Commvault, Santa no longer has to worry about his data, as ORIIUM monitors, manages and protects this to its secure cloud storage system which is replicated to a 2nd datacentre for added redundancy. In the event of any disaster at the North Pole, Santa can restore his data securely and quickly, enabling Santa to concentrate on more important matters and allowing all the good children and adults to receive their presents on time.