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Understand and Take Control of Your Data with ORIIUM’s File Storage Optimisation

By April 29, 2021March 8th, 2024Blog

As a business and as users, we are creating more data than ever before, but do we know anything about the value of that data? If we don’t understand what we have, how do we secure and protect our critical data in-line with business needs or industry regulation?

File Storage Optimisation

Powered by Commvault Activate software, ORIIUM’s File Storage Optimisation assessment is a one-time, cloud orchestrated search and analytics engagement, aimed at analysing your current data silos and delivering insight and intelligence that can enable a business to:

page1image24487056 Understand where data is being stored

page1image24486640page1image24487264 Find out if you have orphaned or exposed data

page1image24487472 Determine who has access to your data

page1image24487680Drive efficiency with insight on storage consumption

page1image24487888 Assess user/group access and permissions

page1image24488304Remove obsolete, duplicate or redundant data

Find Value and Reduce Risk

During the assessment, we integrate with your storage solutions and Active Directory environment to report on file age, type, size, and properties, as well as identifying which users and groups have access to those files and which files or folders are orphaned.

As an outcome, businesses will be better informed in planning the migration of data to new platforms and storage systems, or intelligently selecting how existing data is protected and archived, in order to achieve business cost savings and to manage risk.

How Data Assessment Works

Delivered over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, the components of the data assessment service are deployed by us, following which the data is captured and the report is provided. An initial discovery session allows us to understand any specific requirements and goals you have, allowing us to tailor the report, and offer insight into solutions and remediation activities designed to satisfy your objectives.

Engagement Workflow