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Addressing The Elephant In The Cloud

By January 18, 2017March 8th, 2024Blog

Even though a large number of organisations have moved forward with cloud adoption, some businesses and IT departments find cloud computing a very touchy subject.

With worries around cost, data protection and compliance, it’s understandable why some organisations are not looking at cloud and why a number of IT reseller businesses (especially those who rely on hardware sales), don’t want to speak to their customers about the benefits of cloud adoption either.

So let’s talk about cloud…

1. Cloud is very expensive

Cloud solutions such as CX:Protect utilise enterprise level resource, saving the business time and money on the cost of licenses, servers, associated hardware and data centres.  Furthermore CX:Protect is charged on a “pay as you go/utility” structure, meaning customers only pay for the resources they use.

2. Data is not safe in the cloud

Whatever some IT resellers may say, corporate data does not randomly float around in the cloud. Data is broken down and encrypted at the highest enterprise level.  Plus with a public or private UK based cloud solution like CX:Protect, an organisation’s data always remains in the UK.

3. Don’t bank on your cloud if something happens to your data

Unlike with a hardware failure or tape storage, data held within the cloud can easily be restored from the latest backup.  Ensuring data is not lost and people can get back to work.

4. Cloud is complicated to manage

Organisations have found they can devote more time and resource into completing projects which benefit the business, rather than having to worry data management and business continuity.