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Ransomware – How to Minimise Damage and Accelerate Recovery

By December 8, 2020March 8th, 2024Blog

Ransomware in 2020 hasn’t let up and continues to dominate security news outlets. Despite the recent ‘press release’ from ransomware group Maze Team announcing their closure of operations (they were responsible for breaches at Xerox, Cognizant, Chubb, Tesla – the list goes on), there are a plethora of groups still highly active and eager to exploit company data.

A couple of recent examples include large corporations Advantech and MasterChef producer Banjay SAS who were attacked in November. Advantech were reportedly held to ransom for $14 million to avoid data loss and leaks.

What’s clear is that the threat is real and requires a multi-faceted approach to data protection. Organisations needs a robust backup and recovery solution in place. They also need to be able to detect threats and mitigate the risk immediately. This is especially important with the current trend in leaking stolen data: do you still pay the ransom even though you can recover?

These points distil into two important areas of a ransomware response strategy:

  1. Ransomware response plan.
  2. Technology capabilities.

To minimise damage and accelerate recovery, an organisation’s data management solution needs to detect, protect and provide rapid recovery in order to effectively safeguard against ransomware.

ORIIUM SaaS ‘powered by Commvault’ overcomes these hurdles with a truly modern, security-first approach to data protection and ransomware mitigation strategy:

  • Detect: Machine learning anomaly detection and honeypot monitoring on key data sets.
  • Protect: Immutable, air gapped backup storage. Encryption in flight and at rest, as well as comprehensive cloud-based auditing facilities.
  • Rapid Recovery: Instant on VM recovery and full DR capabilities orchestrated from the cloud.

ORIUIM backs up the technology with a fully managed service to handhold you through a ransomware event. Our team of industry experts will proactively monitor, respond and facilitate data recovery.


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