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When you cloud responsibly, your organisation can move to the cloud for data agility while also enforcing your data protection policies.

Cloud responsibly means that an organisation is being smart and thoughtful about managing data protection, backup, rapid recovery, search and availability of workloads in cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Cloud responsibly is a new term adopted by Commvault after years of cloud data protection conversations with our customers, channel partners, cloud alliance partners, systems integrators and managed service providers.

The idea behind cloud responsibly isn’t new – IT leaders consistently apply smart data protection principles to their on-premises environments.

The new idea is streamlining your combined data protection strategy so that it is remarkably easier to also apply the appropriate policies, SLAs, RTO and RPOs to cloud-based data sets.

If you’re using multiple backup products not designed to accommodate your cloud and on-premises environments, you may be adding risk, work and cost to your environment.

Data protection for cloud storage is your responsibility

You know that the cloud is highly secure – but do you also realise that what you put in the cloud is your responsibility?

When you’re migrating data to the cloud, from the cloud or across clouds, the protection of data in flight is your responsibility.

Actually, the protection of data at rest is also your responsibility. You own the backup and recovery of your data wherever it is stored, including in the cloud.

Plus, your “born in the cloud” data needs consideration. How are you providing backup and rapid recovery for data and workloads that originate in the cloud?  If there was a recovery situation, how quickly could you restore your cloud-based environments?

Learn what cloud responsibly means for you

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Discover how to move, manage and use data across your diverse cloud and on-premises environments – all from one data management platform.