Implementing a new cloud based data protection solution

Adapt (now part of Rackspace) approached ORIIUM looking for assistance in providing a unique cloud based solution that could backup and protect their client’s varied data sources across an infrastructure that supported the client’s retail operations.

The Problem

The client – an international multi-line retailer specialising in ready-to-wear apparel and home décor

Approaching their IT solutions partner Adapt, The retailer wanted an innovative new backup solution to not only address on-going issues with their current data protection provider, but to also enable their ambitions to move their data offsite, therefore providing them with the ability to restore data in the event of an on-site disaster.

Failing Jobs

With consistent job failures occurring daily within their current backup solution along with varying stability and reliability problems, the retailer often couldn’t restore data from their backup successfully leading to many moments where data had been corrupted due to these reliability issues.

Need For Change

Using a traditional on-premise backup solution that required large hardware and storage requirements that needed to be located near to the source systems, the retailer didn’t have an effective recovery plan they could execute in the event of an on-premise disaster.

Managed Service

Taking care of service stability, job monitoring and management 24/7

Cloud Solution

Removing the need for lots of on-premise hardware and storage

Highly Available

Enabling an effective and always available cloud platform to backup and restore from

The Solution

ORIIUM enabled the retailer via its IT solutions partner to design and enable a new managed data backup solution that allowed the retailer to reliably protect their vast data sources to ORIIUM’s own cloud backup platform. This satisfied their ambitions to backup their data offsite, whilst also providing a solution that was reliable and consistent, ensuring the client could restore data as and when needed.

Using ORIIUM’s cloud backup service, the retailer receives a fully managed backup solution that is monitored 24/7, giving the client confidence that daily operations are managed by a dedicated team which reacts to all errors and proactively ensures the client’s solution is readily available at all hours of the day.

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