Simplified backup and recovery for virtual, physical, SaaS and multi cloud environments

Introducing ORIIUM SaaS ‘Powered by Commvault’, an Enterprise-grade backup, disaster recovery and data intelligence software service supporting multi-cloud, SaaS and hybrid environments. ORIIUM SaaS enables businesses to be up and running and protecting their data in as little as one hour with no big up-front investment or annual commitment.

SaaS Service

Setup, deploy and manage your service from our cloud platform

Cloud Target Choice

Integration with Public and Private cloud platforms

No Commitment

Choice of no commitment service with pay as you go billing

Unparalleled Support

Protect more data sources than any other software solution

How it Works
Click, select and deploy from the cloud
A flexible cloud-based platform

ORIIUM SaaS provides you with the ultimate flexible data management service on the cloud infrastructure of your choice.

Select your data sources, whether they reside on-premise or in cloud and protect, recover from and recover to the target of your choice. ORIIUM SaaS gives you visibility of your entire estate from a single pane of glass enabling you to intelligently manage and control your data.


Comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, archive and data governance, all via one simple Web UI

Pay as you Consume

Scale up your resource and licence consumption on demand as required

Multi-Cloud Support

Cloud Options include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and ORIIUM’s own Managed Private Cloud

Core Backup & Recovery

Unparalleled support for physical & virtual servers, applications, public cloud services, O365, Salesforce and other SaaS services

Managed Service

Relieve the pressure on your internal resources with an ORIIUM managed service

Operating and managing a backup environment can sometimes be a distraction.

ORIIUM helps take the complexity out of your data protection and disaster recovery operations by remotely monitoring and managing your service 24/7/365 against defined SLA’s, to ensure that your data is always protected and available when it’s needed the most.

We’ll help you every step for the way from implementation through to looking after all data management.

Pay as you Go

Only pay for what you consume

No big upfront investment needed, scale up and down on demand

Sometimes you need your data protection service to be flexible to meet changing business needs, allowing you to add or remove data as projects start and finish or when you add, retire or migrate services to new platforms. Commvault SaaS enables you to respond quickly to change ensuring that your data it protected at all times whilst you only pay for what you consume.

With a monthly billing model and online reporting accessible from our online portal, you have the visibility and control over your service.

Cloud Apps

Supporting M365, G-Suite and Salesforce

Comprehensively protect all your cloud productivity applications

ORIIUM SaaS enables businesses to fully protect these platforms, by providing an effective data protection solution coupled with granular data restoration capabilities, that enable you to quickly recover in the event of accidental or malicious data deletion.

Powered by Commvault

A leader in data protection with a leader in data management

ORIIUM have specialised in the protection, control and recovery of data and systems and delivery of cloud services for over twelve years.

ORIIUM SaaS is the perfect solution for any mid-large organisation requiring specialist data protection, with expert data management and support from Commvault’s only UK ‘Advanced’ Support Partner.

Find Out More
Contact our team to discover more about ORIIUM SaaS and to see a live demonstration