How an international law firm saved time and money with ORIIUM’s Data Protection Solution

About the customer

Our customer is highly regarded as one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. With over 500 employees across four offices in Europe and Asia, the firm has represented a range of high- end clients in cases such as privatisations, mergers and acquisitions, competition and trade issues, and financial regulation.


A leading London-based global law firm found that its existing multi-vendor data management solution was taking almost a week to run data protection operations across its 194 TB of critical data, creating a risk of unprotected data and unsustainable time overheads to administer the process.

Retention policies to satisfy compliance objectives based on data type

Granular-level data protection and data recovery options for all types of data

Efficiency gains through the implementation of storage-based snapshot replication

Simplified management via real time dashboards and reporting against specified SLAs

The Solution

Commvault Data Protection by ORIIUM 

Following a detailed assessment of the legacy backup infrastructure, data management policies and compliance requirements, a single, secure and permanent Commvault solution was proposed, tailored to the customer’s needs.

The solution needed to protect data from two of the customer’s own data centers, with data replication between the two in order to achieve full data resiliency and DR capability.

The Results

Once implemented, the customer’s cost effective, enterprise class data protection and management solution produced clear tangible benefits to the whole business:

Reduced Backup Window

Reduced backup window from 5 days to 6 hours


Scalable solution as the company’s critical data continues to grow

Reduced Management Overhead

Real time dashboards for stakeholders to monitor SLA success

Data Resiliency

Full data resiliency between sites minimising risk of data loss or service outage

Optimised Infrastructure

Efficiency gains through market leading global data deduplication

Single Pane of Glass

Single management interface for ease of use to reduce burden on IT teams

Why Commvault?

The Commvault Data Protection solution was selected by the customer because it provided:

• A single management interface to combine physical, virtual, file and application data protection operations
• Full resilience providing high availability across the technology stack
• Multi-layered encryption for data in-transit and at rest data

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