Application Packaging

Creating deployable desktop and server application packages

The Application Packaging service enables customers to deploy commercial or in-house software applications to include additional parameters, rolled-in software patches/service packs or other software dependencies needed by the application but not present on target machines.

Replacing or upgrading software can be expensive

Whether your applications are depreciated or no longer supported by the original vendor, the cost to move to newer versions or to replace applications entirely can be costly to implement and license as well as being disruptive to a business and its users.

By using application packaging, we can help solve this problem by offering a number of solutions that can allow you to retain the existing application and avoid major licensing and re-training headaches.

Application Workshop
Having trouble with packaging or deployment of your apps?

Book a one to one with our application consultants to cover best practices, key trends, trouble shooting and personalised advice for packaging, deployment and management of your applications (inc. Q&A).

Our workshops can help you:

  • Understand the best way to package your applications for deployment

  • Troubleshooting issues with your deployment methods

  • Overcome SCCM/App-V/Intune infrastructure issues

  • Troubleshoot virtualised applications that do not work in your environment

  • With legacy applications holding back deployment, remote desktops or a new OS

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Spread the cost with our FAS subscription model

Our Flexible Application Service (FAS) provides organisations with a simple, monthly-billed service model for all your application packaging needs, including those essential periodic application updates, for the lifetime of the service.

Procure your service units monthly and flexibly engage with our team to request your packaging work, whilst consumption is tracked and reported back to you.

Features & Benefits

Build in Patches / Service Packs

We can build in updates or service packs directly into your deployable packages

Application Virtualisation

Overcome and remove platform compatibility issues by delivering applications in virtualised instances

Prevent Costly Re-training

Packaging your applications with necessary software dependancies can prevent expensive license purchases and staff re-training costs

Improve Management & Support

Centrally hosting your applications can cut down on-going  support and management costs across large user estates

UK-Based Team

We don’t offshore our workloads at anytime and pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to help deliver success

Documentation Handover

We provide fully document configuration documentation as part of our customer handover process

Reduce support & management costs

Controlling software versioning across your applications can result in simpler management, reduced support issues and overall cost savings to the business.

Over time businesses can gather multiple versions of the same software sometimes resulting in different user experiences. Using Application Packaging, we can roll-in necessary custom configuration to an application, update it with newer patches and service packs and create a master version to be used for all future deployments.

Quality assured

We document every application that is packaged, complete with detailed information on the steps taken to produce it. We also fully test and document our Quality Assurance process as well as using any customer defined QA processes to ensure all packages are created to a consistent standard.

Warranty protection

We want to ensure that we get the job done correctly first time, therefore we provide a warranty on all application packaging work that we complete, so if we haven’t completed an application to the standards or the scope pre-defined in our customer engagement, we will re-complete the work for free.

Service Features & Options

Our Application Packaging service will deliver the following to customers:



Application Evaluation We evaluate your requirements against the application to determine if the changes are possible
Complexity Scoresheet As part of our standard engagement model, we will determine the complexity rating of the changes required within each application and charge you according to the effort and complexity of work needed
Application Packaging We will present the application in the appropriate format agreed as part of the engagement with customers and adhere to our own or the customer defined packaging standards
Build Documentation Documentation listing the configuration and changes made and how they are implemented will be provided as part of the handover process
Quality Assurance Testing We carryout full QA testing of every completed application to that of our own and any applicable customer standards
FAS Service Units Prefer to spread the cost flexibly over a defined term? Using our FAS model, you can engage directly with us quickly and convenient to your requirements
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