Automated Application Lifecycle Management

Stay ahead of the latest application vulnerabilities using ORIIUM AppAffinity

Simplify Your Microsoft SCCM and Intune Patching

Push packaged third-party applications directly to your Endpoint Management Solution at the click of a button

How it Works

We make things simpler and quicker, saving you valuable time and IT resource

Staying on top of the latest application security updates, configuring your desired deployment settings and testing the outcomes can be time consuming. Let AppAffinity do the hard work and automate the process end to end.

1. Select Your Applications

Choose your applications and pre-configure the deployment and scheduling settings from within the AppAffinity Online Portal

2. Automated Monitoring

We check all vendors for new updates on a daily basis. When an update is available, our team create a fully deployable version for you

3. Integration

Packaged applications are uploaded to AppAffinity where they collect your deployment settings and are published to your Intune or SCCM solution

4. Endpoints are Patched

Endpoints stay up to date, receiving the updated applications via your endpoint deployment tool every time a new update has been published

In 2020 there were 5.9 Million ransomware attacks in the UK alone and a total of 300 Million worldwide

Sonicwall Cyber Threat Report

Speed up Your Time to Patch

Don’t be reactive, be proactive with your patch management using AppAffinity

Less than 43% of UK businesses have a policy of applying updates within 14 days of release ( РMarch 21) and of those businesses,  few will ever hit that target when applying third-party software updates.

With AppAffinity you can streamline your third party software patching and provide greater update compliance for all your users

No additional software or device agents needed

AppAffinity integrates directly with your existing Microsoft Intune or on-premise Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM) solution for patch deployment

  • Simple setup and customer self configuration

  • Updates published to Intune/SCCM use your pre-configured deployment settings

  • Deploy updates to your company portal, end user devices or both

  • Retain your existing task sequences and collection deployments

  • Integration with Windows Autopilot for all round device and user management

Its Important to Update

Many cyber exploits now occur via your internet browsers

So can you afford to leave the update process to your staff to action manually? AppAffinity automates the update and deployment process for all commonly used browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Chrome is number #1 on desktops, but also on known vulnerabilities

In 2020 228 security vulnerabilities were identified in Chrome, compared to 141 in Firefox

Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer

During a 10 year period, IE amassed over 1,130 security vulnerabilities, that’s over 2 vulnerabilities a week

Did you know..

Common browsers such as Edge, Opera and Chrome all share the same core open-source code ‘Chromium’ which means vulnerabilities in 1 browser can sometimes exist in multiple browsers

Easy to Configure and Quick to Deploy

Using a cloud based management interface, you can configure and manage your updates from one central portal

Why AppAffinity?

Effective update coverage for your commonly used workforce applications



No manual packaging for every update needed



No additional user / device  agents required


Stay Compliant

We automatically scan software vendors daily


Time Saver

Updates automatically collect your deployment configuration


Tested and Scanned

Updates are scanned for viruses and malware before release



No on-premise infrastructure needed

AppAffinity Knowledge Base

Setup and configuration articles

Contact us to find out more about how AppAffinity can benefit your business
  • Simple to use online portal for Intune configuration
  • Intuitive support guides via our online knowledge base
  • Low cost user-based model scalable with growing businesses
  • ORIIUM delivers all services through a trusted network of approved resellers
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