Born in Yorkshire with Global Credentials

In 2007 having just returned from Australia I formed Oriium, at that time I was managing the data for a number of Financial Customers. It seems like only yesterday, but when I look back I realise how much has changed over the last 15 years.

During this time I witnessed two themes in the market that led me to start Oriium:


Mid Maket organisations were not getting a fair share of the best technology advice. Larger enterprises were getting the benefit of new innovations such as multi-factor authentication, modern workspace and utility-based infrastructure.


The whole market was being sold solutions that provided point fixes to larger problems. This was especially apparent in the Data and Storage market. The sticky plaster approach was in overdrive; VTLs, appliances and multiple solutions to complete a variety of Data Management tasks.


Inadvertently customers were creating long term problems by developing proprietary silos of data with multiple points of management.

Ten years ago we were and advising customers on the following key areas:


Data Growth

We have seen an explosive growth in data in the last 15 years, from less than 2 zettabytes before 2010 to 79 zettabytes in 2021. Managing exponential growth in silos can quickly become unrealistic for organisations.

Dev Ops

Without centralised control, dev ops can present governance concerns and risks.

Hybrid IT

Data was now spread across multiple locations, on premise, cloud and SAAS – this can make it difficult to remain consistent with Data Management policies across different silos.

Malicious attacks

How does an organisation protect its data and applications from external threats if it does not have centralised control of its whereabouts?

Fast forward to today, the challenge has shifted. Such is the pace of change, it is simply impossible for organisations to remain at the forefront of technology in every area. With day-to-day challenges ranging from cybersecurity threats to cloud migrations to overnight adaptations to remote working, IT departments can feel like they are working in quicksand just to keep the lights on.

At ORIIUM, what we do best is ensuring we are at the forefront of change for Data and Application Management. This enables our customers to focus on doing what they do best.

Even as Managing Director, Chris’s name can be found on customer support tickets, and it’s not uncommon to find him in data centres racking and configuring infrastructure with the data centre team. From the top down, everything ORIIUM do is focused on the outcome and our customers’ satisfaction.

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