Salesforce Backup
Prevent disaster through malicious or mistaken data deletion with long-term data retention and the ability to choose your own cloud target

How it Works

Using ORIIUM SaaS, you can simplify the protection of your salesforce data and be confident it can be easily recovered, in the event of disaster

Native integration

ORIIUM SaaS integrates with the native Salesforce APIs to provide effective data protection, retention and recoverability. Automated processes reduce overhead and complexity while giving you advanced abilities like encryption, search, scheduling, data masking, sandboxing, storage reduction and data comparison.

This means your Salesforce data is protected, recoverable, and managed the way you want it to be – according to your SLAs and policies.

Recovery Choices

Recover individual fields within records from your standard or custom objects

Salesforce API

Support for official Salesforce REST, SOAP and Bulk API’s

Sandbox Data-masking

Create pre-configured data-masking policies to easily deploy anonymised data


Automated 24/7 protection of your production and sandbox environments


Support for both standard and custom Salesforce objects, along with files (documents, attachments) , CRM content (Metadata) as well as parent and child relationships.

Cloud Targets

You choose which cloud storage target suits your technology or data retention requirements with support for AWS, Azure as well as ORIIUM’s own private cloud storage target.

Retain Forever

Define your own data retention policies to meet your desired or regulatory requirements.


Confidence that you can restore the necessary data needed in any emergency or disaster scenario

You can be assured that when you need to restore an individual field or record, you can easily search, select and recover that data back into your system.

Even if you’re unsure which data is missing or which changes have been made, ORIIUM SaaS enables you to simply compare backups in order to easily identify the changes.


Perform self-restores on-demand

Metadata Support

Granular recovery of your Metadata

Custom Object Support

Protection and recovery of custom objects

Sandbox Seeding

Restore into sandbox environments

A reliable solution for all your Salesforce data management requirements

ORIIUM SaaS provides a single solution for data management, no matter what or where your data is. You have one single interface to protect, manage, and recover your data.


Recover data back to your production organisation or use it to seed data-consistent sandboxes.


Adhere to regulatory data retention requirements and security with industry standard data encryption.


Schedule backup intervals according to your business requirements.

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