Microsoft O365 Backup
ORIIUM SaaS enables you to protect and retain your organisations critical Microsoft Office 365 data including; Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

How it Works

Microsoft provides high availability on your O365 data, but it doesn’t enable you to effectively protect and restore it

Plugging the gaps in O365

Integrating directly with the Microsoft Office 365 tenant, ORIIUM SaaS enables organisations to protect themselves from potential threats such as accidental deletion, user deletion, ransomware, malware, service interruptions and more. With flexibility on choice of storage targets and the capability to perform full or granular restores of protected data, ORIIUM SaaS delivers a comprehensive and secure backup and recovery solution for all your critical Office 365 data.

Fully Protected

At-rest and in-flight data encryption

Cloud Choice

Choose your own cloud target for backup storage

Protection Against Threats

Protection against security threats such as Malware/Ransomware

54% of Organisations think Microsoft has their Office 365 data protection needs covered – that’s not exactly the case….

ESG Research, Data Protection Cloud Strategies, June 2019

Protect & Recover

Simple, powerful, complete backup and recovery

Guard Against O365 Outages

Mitigate against O365 and Azure outages by using your own cloud target or on-premise storage


No manual configuration for new users needed, simple policy based automatic backup

Tamper Proof

Data within ORIIUM SaaS cannot be accessed and purged by users

Your critical data, ready and available at all times

ORIIUM SaaS delivers delivers comprehensive protection of Office 365 data all within 1 single solution, eliminating the need for multiple backup protection platforms.

Complete Vision

One Single interface, management and billing platform for all data sources including O365, G-Suite and Salesforce.

Long-term Retention

Customise the data retention policy to suit your requirements.

Flexible Recovery

Granular search, point-in-time, and out-of-place data restore options.

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