A modern, cloud-based application & device management solution

Intune enables businesses to deliver both a productive and secure corporate and BYOD user experience, whilst maintaining the necessary levels of control needed to protect vital corporate interests.

How We Can Help

ORIIUM can enable you to achieve your desired business goals and objectives

Our experienced specialists are uniquely placed to deliver key skills around both device and software deployment/management within Intune.

Key Points


Define and control corporate device deployment and BYOD enrollment


Visibility and control of both devices and users across every platform


Enforcement of security governance and corporate compliance policies


Deploy and manage software across both corporate and BYOD devices

Application Packaging
Application Packaging can help streamline software configuration and deployment

Our team can provide the following assistance with your environment:

  • Analysis and assessment workshop of your current device / application environment

  • Migration planning and configuration service for customers moving from SCCM to Intune

  • Packaging of commercial or in-house software to include additional parameters, rolled-in software patches/service packs or other software dependencies needed on the target devices

  • On-going re-packaging work (future updates to applications)


Let us design and configure your Intune environment

Our experienced team can help understand the complexities around your environment and provide a path to aligning the following service features with your specific business needs and requirements.

Mobile Device Management
  • Device configuration – define corporate settings for Wifi or VPN’s across devices

  • Device security – enforce encryption and passcodes on devices

  • Remote deactivation – remotely wipe a device if lost or stolen

Mobile Application Management
  • Self-service portal – enable you to provide applications to users via a self server portal

  • Application controls – enforce security per app to prevent external data export

  • Remote deactivation – remotely wipe specific corporate data from devices

  • Application deployment – configure and deploy applications to your different devices for silent install

Windows Patch Management
  • Patch strategy – defining the approach to managing patching within your environment

  • Policy creation – creating the policies for your different patch update rings

  • Approach – defining the different scenarios for new or existing deployments

  • Policy creation – design and creation of settings for different deployment types and users


Let us lighten your workload

Support and management of your Azure, M365 and Intune environment.

We can help reduce the impact on your internal IT resource with a remote IT support and management team who can take care of day to day administration tasks, manage and respond to support incidents and monitor service health remotely.

Our team can provide business hours and 24/7 support options tailored to your requirements.

Want to know more or have a bespoke business requirement? let us know and our team will be happy to contact you back and discuss it

We deliver workshops, project consultancy, support and management services around Azure, Microsoft 365 and Intune.

We also provide one-off and on-going application packaging engagements that can help your business keep on top of your on-going software updates.

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