Cloud Compute

No Pigeon holes. Customisable, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to meet your exact needs

We provide flexible cloud compute to organisations that require crucial workload hosting with high performance storage, connectivity and availability

Predictable Costs

Simple to understand (and predict) monthly billing, based on resource consumption with no hidden charges or data egress / ingress fees

Performance Options

Flexible compute, storage and transit options to meet customer’s exact requirements and ensure workloads run optimally

Core Infrastructure

Multiple Tier 3 enhanced Data Centres throughout the UK supporting geographically redundant solutions and high availability

Solution design

Scalable Cloud Compute for your exact requirements, no square pegs and round holes

We engage with our customers to understand their applications, workloads and data in order to provide hosting that meets their requirements fully and provides value to their business

Secure, safe and reliable

Standards, processes, automation and governance

Providing Cloud services to heavily regulated industries (public and private sector), ORIIUM operates stringent security policies and utilises cutting edge physical and virtual security technologies.

We are regularly audited by leading global standards bodies such as BSI and NHS Digital, this ensures our methods are tested and customer’s workloads and data kept safe

Connected and available

We operate our services from a number of geo-graphical locations throughout the UK

Businesses need their services to be quick and readily available, so we use fast links and multiple datacentres accredited to Tier 3 + standards to ensure great connectivity and data redundancy.

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