Druva Phoenix

Simple, self managed cloud backup and DR solution

Druva Phoenix provides converged Disaster Recovery (DR), Backup & Archival for physical and virtual infrastructure built on Druva’s secure, high-performance cloud platform based in Amazon AWS.

With a simple centralised web based interface, businesses can quickly and easily configure their own backup, storage and retention policies to protect and and manage their physical, virtual, application and network attached services data sources.

Cloud-native solution

Built from advanced cloud technologies and microservices in Amazon Web Services, Phoenix allows customers to easily and quickly scale out their deployment and storage requirements on-demand without any single point of failure or performance bottleneck.

Providing global deduplication, auto-tiered storage, and fully elastic services in any geographic region that easily scale into the petabytes of data, customers consume and purchase Phoenix as cloud service which fully wraps all AWS infrastructure and storage capabilites into a simple cost model.

Innovative technology

Direct integration with VMware and Hyper-V enables best-of-breed virtualised solutions and data protection with rapid cloud deployment.

Enabling advanced data restoration capabilities within Virtual machines, businesses can quickly access and rapidly restore individual files and folders from inside their protected virtual machines direct from their cloud storage, saving valuable time and bandwidth.

DRaaS For Virtual Data

Protected virtual machines (VMs) can be configured to fail over and quickly spin-up as live instances within your own AWS account, enabling business to react to onsite disaster effectively and within low RTO’s

No Hardware, No Software, No Hassle

There is no need to purchase any new hardware or additional software in order to start using Druva Phoenix. Simply configure your environment, and you’ll have global reach and scale at your fingertips in minutes.

Features & Benefits

Scalable With No Commitment

Purchase service storage credits as and when needed without fixing yourself to a term

Low Bandwidth

Perfect for branch or sites with low or constrained WAN connections

Enterprise Grade Encryption

Data is encrypted in-transit as well as at-rest to ensure it is private and protected at all times

Multiple Storage Regions

Store data in the global AWS regions relevant to your business with the ability to have multiple zones per account under management

Global Deduplication

Source side inline deduplication enables smaller faster backups by eliminating data redundancies across your estate, resulting in up to 80% bandwidth savings

Flexible Retention

Create and define your own policies to retain data for the necessary time required to your business needs

Service Features & Options

The Druva Phoenix service delivers a scalable data management solution, managed by customers and underpinned by Amazon AWS services.

Feature Description
Windows & Linux file server support Protect unstructured file and folder data from supported Windows and Linux server systems to the cloud
SQL server support Native support for on-premise SQL servers allows for full, transaction and differential backups
VMware & Hyper-V support Hypervisor support enables full backup and recovery of entire VMs, individual virtual disks aswell as granular file restorations
Global data de-duplication Druva Phoenix de-duplicates data globally across all servers improving backup times and reducing required bandwidth to the cloud
NAS support Intelligently protect your NAS based devices quickly using a dedicated agent that is compatible with all brands
Cloudcache Lower RTOs using a local appliance with Cloudcache software, enabling you to configure support for cloud and local based storage
Multi-region support Define multiple storage zones to allow data to be stored globally in the countries and regions needed by your business
Disaster recovery from AWS Extend your DR capabilities with the ability to dynamically update hot images in AWS which can be turned on in the event of disaster

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