Druva inSync

Endpoint and Cloud application data protection

Protecting, preserving and discovering your data, across both endpoint devices and corporate cloud application services such as Office365, G-Suite or Box.com

Druva inSync helps you with the increasing need to make your data available at any time, across any device, without sacrificing your IT control and security and becoming yet another public statistic.

Unified User Data Protection

Protect, manage and report on all user data sources, across device endpoints and cloud applications

Data Insight & Governance

Create your own policies to detect and alert you to personal identifiable, financial and health data as well as custom keywords

Ransomware & Malware Protection

Rollback and recover user data from defined snapshots to recover from malicious threats

Simple and effective data backup capabilities

Protecting all your users without compromising on their ability to work anywhere

inSync allows you to protect and preserve data from your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet based user devices to the cloud with no intrusion to users and little impact to bandwidth, thanks to patented Druva de-duplication technology which performs source side and block level de-dupe of files.

Using Cloud applications?

A common misconception with cloud applications such as Office 365 or Google’s G-Suite is that you don’t need to backup your data

Druva inSync addresses these issues by providing point-in-time backup snapshots of your cloud data sources such as Office 365 to backup OneDrive, Exchange Online and Sharepoint Online data at consistent intervals, allowing you to select and recover data to the time and date required.

Global Data Management

Managing your data centrally does not mean that all your data needs to be stored centrally. Using Amazon AWS storage and availability zones, businesses can manage and restore data for different corporate users, even when their data resides in different availability zones.

Rapid Mass Deployment

Integrate inSync with your Microsoft active directory in order to deploy and authenticate users effectively during a deployment whilst also simplifying on-going user management

Features & Benefits

Device Level Protection

Protect user devices further by enabling device level encryption and remote data wipe capabilities

Global Solution

Manage and store data in different AWS locations to ensure the data sovereignty needs of your business units

WAN Optimised

Data deduplication technology transfers only the new and changed files at block level to decrease bandwidth usage

Service Features & Options

The Druva inSync service enables organisations to manage and protect their user data within a truly cloud delivered solution.

Feature Description
Endpoint device support Backup data from Endpoint Windows, Mac and Linux devices as well as Android and iOS mobile and tablets
Cloud application support Backup popular user productivity suites such as Office 365, Google G-Suite and Box.com
Data search Meta data search capabilities across user file data on devices and cloud apps
Data governance Automated compliance policies to detect sensitive personal, financial, health and other types of pre-defined or user-defined data
eDiscovery enablement Enable legal hold of all user data and make it securely available to internal or external parties via eDiscovery tools
Unusual data activity Monitor and receive alerts to unusual data activity across devices to see possible data threats
Active directory integration Import, synchronise and provision users and policies via AD integration to your domain
Mass client deployment Automatic mass provisioning and configuration of inSync agent across network-based devices
Data loss prevention Remotely wipe, geo-locate and encrypt your devices within inSync
Device refresh/OS migration Restore desktop and laptop data including the user persona to new devices or operating systems
Preserved users Retain employee data from all sources even after they have left the business
Single sign-on Integration with identity and access solutions for Single Sign-On
File share Secure internal and external file sharing and workspace collaboration capabilities


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