Understand More With An ORIIUM Data Assessment

One-time Complete Data Assessment

What you don’t know can hurt your business

ORIIUM’s Data Assessment engagements are one-time cloud orchestrated search and analytical reviews, which provide detailed insight and intelligence into all of an organisation data.

Delivered with an out-put report and post-assessment review with one of our specialists, the Data Assessment service enables organisations to make informed decisions in regards to the either the optimisation of that data through reduction, migration and access, or the baseline and identification of sensitive data spread throughout the storage, assisting in their data governance strategy and policies.

Find Value And Reduce Risk

Understand what you have, so you can take back control

We are creating more data than ever before, but do we know anything about the value of that data, especially within our business? If we don’t understand what we have, how do we secure and protect our critical data in-line with business needs or industry regulation?

Data can be one of the most critical and valuable commodities that your organisation owns. We can help you understand where, what and how your data is accessed, secured and stored.

Sensitive Data Governance

Your data may be the most critical and valuable commodity that you have, but do you know where its stored?

Sensitive Data Governance enables you to deep dive into your unstructured data silos and uncover sensitive data such as PII, Credit Card, Health or other critical corporate data.

Using pre-defined and the custom search variables, we can interrogate and locate un-known sensitive data and help you understand what current data risks exist and enable you to make content aware decisions and allowing you to design and implement effective policies

File Storage Optimisation

Helping you to unlock value and streamline your data estate

File Storage Optimisation integrates with your storage solutions and Active Directory environment to report on file age, type, size, and properties, as well as identifying which users and groups have access to those files and which files or folders are orphaned.

As an outcome to an engagement, you will be better informed in planning the migration of data to new platforms and storage systems, or intelligently selecting how existing data is protected and archived, in order to achieve business cost savings and to manage risk.

Use Cases

Identify Data Risks

Search and identify data containing PII, Credit Card or Health information within your unstructured data silos

Data Baseline

Create a baseline from which to build or improve upon your data governance strategy

All Sources In One Report

The Data Assessment service can be used to search against both on-premise data sources as well as cloud applications such as M365

Understand Exposed Data

Find out if you have orphaned or exposed data contained within you data silos

Create Data Value

Drive efficiency with insight on storage consumption and the ability to understand where data is duplicated or redundant

Engagement Model

We tailor our search reporting based on your business needs and desired outputs

Delivered over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, the components of the data assessment service are deployed by ORIIUM’s team, following which the data is captured and a report is compiled.

An initial discovery session allows us to understand any specific requirements and goals you have, allowing us to tailor the report, and offer insight into solutions and remediation activities designed to satisfy your objectives.

Case Studies

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