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With plans for a new centralised technology platform, UCL needed a partner to help deliver their strategy.

With a dispersed and complex IT estate spread across 10 faculties comprising of over 100 departments, institutes and research centres, the university needed a consolidated platform to create a consistent brand experience when students log in, and to provide access to the same applications and data from any device or location.

The Challenge

To begin building a new university-wide desktop service, UCL engaged with ORIIUM to assist with investigations into application compatibility and repackaging using Microsoft’s app virtualisation and streaming solution App-V. ORIIUM’s expertise and resources would be critical to meeting a heavy workload, particularly around the beginning of each term when there is a spike in app requirements for new courses.

Auditing & Compatibility

UCL uses a wide range of academic applications, from teaching to medical research, plus corporate apps such as finance and HR. ORIIUM therefore took the first approach to scope out the complex environment by; auditing, reviewing and documenting business usage and owners of every commercial and in-house created application. From this, compatibility of each app had to be tested to see if they could be packaged for the intended new environment, with a remedial strategy also created to deal with any apps that couldn’t be converted.

Standardisation across all platforms

ORIIUM then helped to deliver the new application platform and provided key consultancy around the necessary packaging and sequencing processes which would enable the in-house development team to dramatically improve application deployment times whilst also enabling UCL to deliver a consistent application delivery experience to both staff and students, across all hardware and OS platforms.

Founded in 1826, UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university with more than 13,000 staff and 38,000 students.

The Problem

  • Complex and diffuse IT estate
  • Current application deployment process is complex and takes 6 months+
  • No intelligence around purpose of certain apps already deployed

The Requirements

  • Standardise service delivery platform
  • Determine application technology and processes
  • Enable UCL to manage and support solution post project

The Solution

  • Application Compatibility
  • Application Packaging
  • Application Consultancy

The Benefits

  • Applications can be deployed across every hardware platform regardless of OS compatibility
  • Delivered intelligence on historical in-house and commercial application usage and purpose
  • Assisted the development of UCL’s internal team to manage and support solution long-term

Download the case study HERE.