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Prudential UK & Europe is part of M&G plc which is a leading savings and investments business, and has been caring for customers for over 170 years.


• Complex IT project to virtualise desktop & applications
• Over 1200+ applications spread across global operations
• Applications interact with many other software solutions


• Provide assistance to help deliver project against tight timescales
• Provide consistent user experience for business users
• Packaging and migration of application to Windows 10


• Application Packaging
• Application Consultancy


• Responded to feedback quickly to implement any changes effectively
• Completed work in necessary timescales with UK and global teams
• Consistent experience between original applications and virtualised applications

PGDS needed assistance with ambitious plans to virtualise their desktop and application estate.

PGDS manages IT infrastructure for the Prudential UK group and initiated a multi-million pound project to migrate both user desktops and associated business applications to a new virtualised platform hosted globally from their new datacentre in Michigan, US.

Additional Help Needed

Utilising a new Citrix environment for their desktops, PGDS began with in excess of 700 applications which needed assessing and then converting ready for deployment into their new environment via Microsoft App-V. Engaged already with another third party, PGDS had experienced issues with the delivery of the project due to the sheer complexity of some of their applications and the timescales involved. Bringing ORIIUM into the project part way through, the team worked in partnership with PGDS to deliver the project in the remaining timescale.

“From our experience with ORIIUM we knew they were people we could work with, and their expertise had impressed us, so we were confident they could do a good job on a tight timescale” – Graeme Downs PGDS

Tight Timescales

With the new Citrix environment being hosted over 4000 miles away and the project needing to remain on track, ORIIUM had to work closely with the project’s UK team to rapidly assess existing applications, working out their complex interactions and relationships with other software and ensure that applications worked first time. Helping to achieve project success, ORIIUM successfully delivered re-packaged applications that gave the businesses users an experience similar to what they previously had.

A Continuing Partnership

Following the success of the initial project, ORIIUM’s service to PGDS has evolved from working on specific projects for PGDS to providing a fully outsourced application packaging service. The scope of the service includes the ongoing migration to Windows 10 x64 and VDI across Microsoft Surface Pro devices.

In total the service now covers in excess of 1,200 applications and counting for PGDS and M&G.

Download the case study HERE.