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Wellcome is a politically and financially independent foundation. Their founder, Sir Henry Wellcome, was a medical entrepreneur, collector and philanthropist. How they work today reflects the breadth of his interests, and his conviction that health can be improved when research generates, tests and investigates new ideas.


The Wellcome Trust were experiencing challenges with backing up across multiple cloud environments, and their legacy backup tool was struggling to manage data from AWS, Azure and VMWare in order to effectively store data across clouds.

With workloads and resource constraints on the IT team, the customer were also looking for a fully managed service in order to know that their backups and data is in good hands. 


Wellcome Trust selected ORIIUM’s SaaS Data Protection solution to provide a unified, cross-cloud data management service to protect and manage the organisation’s data.


Using a fully managed service offering, combined with Commvault’s award winning enterprise data protection solution, the customer’s backup operations are all managed through a single online console. The managed service has drastically reduced the administration time the Wellcome Trust’s IT team have had to spend on backups on a regular basis, since ORIIUM take responsibility for all management tasks from platform and job operations to incident resolution and service requests to amend operations or restore data. 

In addition to time savings, the service has also greatly increased the Trust’s backup efficiency, with compression, deduplication and encryption built in. Given that the backups are taking place from three separate environments, deduplication is a vital component of efficient backup and minimising storage space as it ensures that only the customer’s changed blocks of data are transmitted and stored. 

The utility-style billing of the service has also proven beneficial to the Trust, with monthly payments in arrears that provide flexibility to increase or decrease consumption as required, and to scale out with no restrictions. This has turned what was previously a CAPEX cost into an OPEX one for the Trust. 

“ORIIUM’s SaaS Data Protection solution has been a breath of fresh air for us, and it’s proven able to handle our backups from AWS, Azure and VMWare which was taking up a lot of time beforehand.

With this, all the backup operations are run from the cloud, and it means that all our data is backed up within hours of the backup starting. It has massively reduced our burden with backups and allowed our team to concentrate on other projects that add more strategic value to the business. I would highly recommend the service to anyone with sensitive data that needs to be backed up from multi-cloud environments”

Jon Witham, Infrastructure Engineer

Wellcome Trust




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