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Having successfully assisted the Customer with a major Operating System migration and application services project in 2012, ORIIUM have been the expert partner of choice for ongoing packaging and application delivery requirements.

When faced with the challenge of migrating more than 1000 applications from Windows XP to Windows 7 and subsequently 1200 applications from Windows 7 to Windows 10, one of the most prestigious and well known banking institutions in the world, approached ORIIUM to help.


ORIIUM’s specialist application packaging and Operating System migration service. ORIIUM have also provided V5 application training for the institution’s internal IT team focussing on packaging methods and troubleshooting.


In order to migrate Operating Systems and applications effectively and efficiently at scale, ORIIUM replicated user groups and developed an automated solution for querying packages, moving away from manual user groups. This saves the Customer considerable time and management overhead as well as avoiding costly service disruptions.

The deployment of Scalable Survey has also enabled the Customer to track application usage effectively. By developing custom scripts to query applications, it is now possible for the Customer to understand where applications are deployed and usage over the last 6 months. This has facilitated a data-driven programme to rationalise non-core applications that could be retired, saving the Customer significant licensing costs and effort upgrading systems unnecessarily.

Application security is also critical for this global institution. ORIIUM’s specialist team helped the Customer transition from a legacy firewall solution, creating a smooth authentication process and disabling application use until all machines were fully migrated and protected. As an added layer of security, a reporting dashboard for all applications containing scripts enables granular application control and prevents unauthorised application deployment by users.

About the customer

The Customer in this case study cannot be named for security reasons, however the institution is one of the largest, most prestigious banking institutions in the UK.

“ORIIUM have provided extremely reliable outsourced support to our organisation for a number of years. They are our trusted partner for all OS migrations, application services and for carrying out a number of other point projects when we don’t have the resources available in our team. The ORIIUM team have almost become an extension to our internal team, and we really value their service”.

IT Director

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