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Gateshead Council run a complex IT infrastructure of 200 physical servers, 300 VmWare virtual servers, and handle 154tb of raw data.

With two servers in a number of schools in the borough (one for curriculum work, one for admin staff), multiple physical servers and a data centre, manual tape backups were prone to human error, accidental loss or damage, or physical risks such as flooding or fire. Simple instances of tapes becoming worn, dropped or misplaced was not only inefficient but also risky in terms of data governance and protection.

The Council was also finding it difficult to handle backups from legacy servers and trying to managephysical tapes in different external offices risked some data being missed or lost if tapes were not correctly changed. The result was a risk that some files, folders and systems could not be correctly restored.


Gateshead was one of the earliest adopters of Commvault in the UK and have been using the service for 20 years. The solution has meant that the customer has been able to efficiently safeguard and restore data, with very few job failures.

The Council now runs a centralised offsite storage facility, and safeguards data to NexSAN arrays located both in the Civic Centre and a nearby offsite centre. Four weeks worth of data is stored, with multiple copies of data as a failover.

The Council sought external enhanced skills support for Commvault in the event of any major issues  to work with the Council’s internal team.  Following a procurement process, the Council engaged with ORIIUM for such support. ORIIUM can simply pick up the case from the level that the internal team have already diagnosed, providing a direct resolution quickly and without the need of escalation.

With a highly experienced team supporting large and complex Commvault environments for over 12 years, ORIIUM can resolve almost all of their backup and recovery problems – and in the small chance it does need to go higher, the issue is usually related to a Commvault patch that needs to be released.


With a relationship of almost a decade, ORIIUM and Gateshead have achieved significant staff time savings through not having to manage and replace physical tapes from different local government offices.

In addition to the manual time savings from not handling physical tapes, deduplication of the Council’s 154tb raw data brings cost savings on storage as well as benefitting from Commvault’s inbuilt ransomware protection.

About the customer

Gateshead Council Logo

The Borough of Gateshead in the northeast of England is split into 22 wards, each with three councillors elected by local people. The Council employs approximately 5,000 people to provide essential services to a population of around 200,000.

Customer quote
“Commvault’s backup and recovery services have never let us down and have provided us with much more efficient and effective backups than with physical tape. From a support perspective, the ORIIUM team have the Commvault skills to solve very complex problems. They know the product inside out and are extremely knowledgeable in solving our challenges. I would be glad to recommend Commvault and ORIIUM to any organisation experiencing the same challenges we had, and it’s a pleasure to work with them”.

Graeme Page
Infrastructure Senior Support Officer, Gateshead Council


Commvault Advanced Support Partner
Certified since 2011, ORIIUM is the UK & Ireland’s only Advanced Commvault Authorised Support Partner, delivering business critical support to over 200 customers throughout the world 24/7/365.