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Windows 11 and the implications for Application Management

By June 22, 2021March 8th, 2024Blog

Concrete information is thin on the ground at this stage, but some details of Windows 11 have leaked online.

While we await the full details from Microsoft ahead of the June 24 announcement the ORIIUM team have considered some potential changes in Windows 11 that could significantly affect how UK companies manage their applications.

Windows 11 and Microsoft App-V

Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V) enables IT to make applications available to end user devices without the need to physically install them directly on those machines.

Due to Microsoft’s lack of updates or communication on the topic in recent years, experts have been speculating that App-V will be discontinued.

Remote application management has become even more important during the pandemic, as IT seek to enable users to efficiently work from home or remote locations.

While it may or may not be true that App-V is to be discontinued, organisations may soon have to look for an alternative.

Microsoft Store enhancements

There is some speculation that the Windows 11 release could see a whole new set of applications introduced.

If this proves to be true, it could give IT departments the ability to deploy more applications to more users more quickly.

Three ways application packaging can help

Application packaging is central to the migration of applications and users for new Microsoft releases. It can also help deliver new ways of working with applications delivered using thin client, SaaS, Web based as well as locally installed applications.

Given the uncertainty around the Windows 11 release, here are three ways application packaging can help IT keep control of application installations and updates:

  1. User productivity: Application Packaging delivers a seamless user transition.
  2. Central control: Application packaging provides centralised control for IT, and reduces risk in a distributed environment.
  3. Managing updates: This is vital to address security concerns at the application layer. Application packaging makes this a seamless process.

Find out more

For IT teams facing uncertainty about the Windows 11 release and considering their preparedness, there is help at hand.

Read about how ORIIUM’s Application Packaging Services enable IT to efficiently create deployable desktop and server application packages to remote users. Our services can fill in-house capability or resource gaps and help navigate the Windows 11 transition.