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Data Assessment

Your data maybe the most critical and valuable commodity that you have, but is your organisation adequately protected from data breaches and are you compliant with necessary industry regulations? Without insight into your existing data, how can you plan or respond to data risks effectively?

Sensitive Data Governance

Powered by Commvault Activate software, ORIIUM’s Sensitive Data Governance assessment is a one-time, cloud orchestrated search and analytics service which enables you to uncover sensitive data such as PII, Credit Card, Health or other critical corporate data that is stored within your unstructured data silos.

By using an ORIIUM Data Assessment, businesses can:

  • Search and identify data containing PII, Credit Card or Health information
  • Define custom data search terms for a more personalised risk assessment
  • Understand file ownership and assess the level of access to data
  • Search against on-premise data sources as well as M365 and G-Suite
  • Provide a baseline from which to build or improve upon your data governance strategy

Are you Future Ready?

Using powerful search and analytics tools, ORIIUM can help your organisation to understand what current data risks exist through comprehensive data visibility, enabling you to make content aware decisions and allowing you to design and implement effective policies.

A Tool for GDPR

Personally identifiable information (PII) is the subject of compliance obligations such as GDPR. The challenge is understanding whether PII exists, and if so where and how it is stored. ORIIUM’s Data Assessment provides this insight by locating PII data patterns, giving you a tool to help form or refine your approach to GDPR. In addition, it can be used as a point solution for subject access requests such as Right of Access and Right to be Forgotten.

How Data Assessment Works

A typical engagement is carried out over 4-8 weeks to allow the necessary time required for the setup, deployment, capturing and reporting of the results.

Engagement Workflow