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Supporting the Modern Workplace by Creating Easily Deployable Software Packages

By January 12, 2021March 8th, 2024Blog

As organisations continue to develop and implement strategies to support remote and home working and employees search for more creative and flexible ways to work, the pressure falls on IT departments to keep pace with the latest technology. Delivering a truly modern workplace that supports user productivity and efficiency whilst meeting the needs of the business is essential.

Businesses need to retain control, implement security centrally, update applications regularly and be able to deliver at scale. Users simply want a frictionless, consistent, quality experience, having the applications they need to do their job with the right settings and security levels baked in. Packaging applications in the right way is central to achieving this.

A typical business environment can contain hundreds of software applications

The amount of time needed to install, configure, patch and support these applications can be a significant drain on resource. An effective application packaging service creates easily deployable desktop applications which can be deployed automatically to users’ devices with all of the appropriate security policies, usersettings and application parameters required. By packaging the application in this manner, the business retains the control they need and the user has a great experience.

Managing applications centrally supports scalability, provides efficiencies and makes the enrolment of new users, devices or applications simple, as well as making the whole application update process a piece of cake.

Application packaging service provides organisations with a managed, documented portfolio of easily deployable packages, reducing their management and operational costs as well as providing a quality consistent user experience.

We are application packaging experts and can support IT departments by:

  • Evaluating applications to establish the best means of delivery to users
  • Reducing software management costs and operational management overhead
  • Assisting with Windows 10 migrations
  • Overcoming platform or software compatibility issues
  • Virtualising or creating MSI/MSIX/App-V/Intune for consistent application delivery
  • Enabling delivery of applications via VDI services such as AWS or Azure
  • Configuring conditional access and implement policies based on conditions such as user location or app sensitivity
  • Improving application performance
  • Providing QA and warrantied applications and peace of mind