Azure Health Check

Helping businesses to understand and achieve platform optimisation or licensing efficiency within Microsoft Azure

We deliver health check services designed to analyse a customer’s Azure platform in detail to review resource usage, identify under/over licensing of systems currently active, understand current failures or platform errors and to assist with recommendations in order to achieve future business and technology goals.

How efficient is your platform?

Setting up services within Azure can often be simple, but how streamlined is you configuration?

Whether you are currently experiencing issues and errors within your environment or you just want to check for possible optimisations, our team can analyse your platform, investigate root cause errors and make recommendations to help super charge your environment and its configuration.

Too many choices?

With over 100 products available in Azure, are you utilising the right solutions for your business requirements? 

We can help identify which products are right for your platform and help you enable them.

Features & Benefits

License Optimisation

We help you to understand your license consumption and enable you to optimise your resources efficiently

Root Cause Analysis

We can help explore and identify the issues within your platform and assist you in implementing a remedy

Platform Efficiency

Our team can help identify and detail opportunities to increase performance and streamline your platform efficiency

Service Features & Options

Our engagement model is flexible, therefore if you need something bespoke to your needs, please let us know.

Feature Description
Multiple Engagement Models We can help to analyse and suggest further features to be utilised within a platform, or identify issues and report on license and resource efficiency
Reporting Our output from an engagement can be report based or informal, depending on what works best for customers
Platform / Service Recommendations Many customers don’t consider using further services within Azure to help load balance or protect their data with regular backups. We can help identify and make recommendations relevant to their platform to help with technology strategy and business expansion

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