Application Compatibility Testing

Enabling businesses to identify compatibility of services and systems when moving or migrating to newer operating systems or platforms

Whether you need to move existing server software or user-based applications to the latest Windows operating system or a new cloud platform, we can identify and report on compatibility and help you plan your migration path.

Windows 10

Moving a user estate to Windows 10 can cause a lot of disruption to a business, especially if software previously used by employees does not operate or function as originally experienced.

We help improve and solve these problems by providing a suite of different services to assist business to: audit, analyse for readiness and compatibility, optimise and rationalise software, re-package existing application for re-deployment, virtualise applications for more efficient management or by providing physical migration assistance.

Enabling a migration path for older software

You want to move to a new server or infrastructure platform, but how do you migrate old in-house developed applications or commercial software packages that are no longer vendor supported?

Our Assessment and Compatibility services can help you to understand how your business-critical applications were developed and give you key insights as to what options are available to enable successful migration to your newer platform.

Features & Benefits

Understand Project Costs

We enable customers to understand the effort or solutions required to enable successful migrations or transitions

RAG Reporting

Detailed reporting listing the compatibility of your current applications with newer operating systems or platforms

Enabling More Effective Migrations

By understanding your risks and compatibility issues at the start, can help customers to plan and execute more effective projects

Service Features & Options

We enable customers to understand the compatibility and effort needed to transition applications.

Feature Description
Compatibility Report We provide reporting of compatibility for business and user applications against a new operating systems or cloud platforms
Application Effort For Compatibility We provide notes on expected effort and pre-requisites to move or migrate applications to newer operating systems, enabling customers to understand possible project costs

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