Application Analysis

Enabling customers to understand their diverse application estates

Understanding and knowing what technology and software is currently in use can be key to helping an organisation with their upgrade and migration ambitions. If you don’t know what you already have, how can you move forward successfully?

We can help solve these problems by enabling organisations to understand exactly what they have now, thus helping them to plan and execute their projects to move forward.

Rationalisation and consolidation

As an output from an audit/assessment, we can help identify opportunities for application rationalisation. This process can enable businesses to look at possible license reduction, especially if users are licensed for software that they rarely or never actually use.

Other outputs can be the consolidation of multiple versions of one software package, allowing for much simpler support internally within a business.

Detailed insight

We provide detailed reporting on your software applications using one or a number of tools depending on the customer’s requirements and the application estate. From these reports, we can help to identify candidates for application virtualisation or re-packaging enabling customers to save longer-term on support and management of their application estate.

Features & Benefits

Identify Installed Software

Understand what is installed and where across user and business devices

Application Analysis

Know more about the usage of the different applications and how users interact with them

Understand Performance Issues

Review and understand which application are causing performance issues and why

Service Features & Options

We provide the following as part of the application analysis service:

Feature Description
Software Discovery We provide a software suite to scan and analyse your user and business devices
Detailed Reporting An output of the discovery will be detailed, with reporting tailored to the agreed engagement deliverables
Application & Technology improvements We make recommendations and suggestions on how you can streamline and improve your estate with newer solutions or technology
Rationalisation & Consolidation Suggestions We provide analysis enabling customers to identify possible license reduction or software version rationalisation and use case consolidation

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