SaaS Data Management

Business services delivered from the cloud need protection too

SaaS data management solutions are everywhere, whether you use Office365, Google G-Suite or Salesforce, more and more businesses are relying on these cloud applications on a daily basis. But businesses still need to protect their data as common services such as Office 365 don’t necessarily give you the amount of protection you need.

ORIIUM can help you navigate these solutions and identify how to protect your data effectively and efficiently against your business and regulatory needs.

Protect From User Error

Whether it was an accident or a mistake, we provide a fall-back solution for those times when you need it most

Recover From Malicious Deletion

Whether you get infected from Ransomware or a rogue member of staff deletes data, we can help you recover

Data Governance

We enable businesses to be compliant to regulations using integrated governance features built into our services

Data Intelligence

Identifying risk in your cloud applications

What are your staff storing or sending via your cloud applications and internal systems? Do they have sensitive data that may be a compliance risk to your business?

We help organisations gain insight into their cloud applications by providing integrated intelligence and analysis of the data they are protecting.

How do you recover when the cloud goes down?

Your cloud applications might be very convenient to your users and their business needs, but when it breaks, how do you carry on? Even the best services can have outages and when they do, it can be costly to your organisation if you are not prepared.

ORIIUM’s backup and disaster recovery solutions enable organisations to protect data between separate cloud platforms, giving businesses the ability to retain access to their data, even if one cloud platform was to suffer an outage.

We can help protect all your cloud platforms

ORIIUM SaaS ‘Powered by Commvault’, supports multi-cloud, SaaS and hybrid data environments enabling you to rapidly protect all your data using one simple to manage interface.

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