Solutions that won’t tax your organisation

Financial services and banking is a highly regulated industry that needs solutions and partners that can provide secure services quickly and effectively 24/7. We deliver innovative solutions and services that work to tight regulatory requirements.

Cloud Management

Maintain, manage and view data from multiple office locations and remote users from a central cloud management interface


Choose and customise your data retention to suit your business’s legal and industry data retention requirements


Our internal and external operations and services adhere and comply to industry standards such as ISO27001

Helping achieve GDPR compliance

We utilise technology solutions that help you protect and comply against regulations

Using data search and governance tooling within our data protection services, you can not only stay on top of your data protection requirements, but you can also stay on top of the threats from inside your own organisation and prevent the leakage of corporate data or financially sensitive information.

Application Transformation

Re-package or re-define the delivery and management of your commercial and in-house software applications

Improve Migrations

Understanding and getting on top of technology compatibility risks can help reduce project costs


We enable customers to optimise their software estates to help reduce management and support costs

Streamline your application technology

We use virtualisation and application packaging to improve your environment

ORIIUM has helped financial organisations improve the delivery of their essential in-house applications and tools whilst also delivering tangible benefits to internal resources with improved application management and support.

Finance Solutions

Our solutions enable organisations to stay on top of their compliance and governance regulations and to ensure data is always available and protected.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
Application Solutions
Application Solutions
Application Solutions

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