Governance & Compliance

Our solutions can help assist with your data governance strategy

We help businesses keep on top of their data governance and compliance interests by integrating functionality into our service offerings that can lead to effective management and oversight of your data, enabling you to be more proactive with your businesses ability to be compliant against regulations.

Centralised Management Console

Enabling you to have visibility and control over your data sources from one view can simply solution management

Service Levels

We use SLA’s as a contract between ourselves and the customer to ensure we meet the expectations and deliverables of a service

Value-add Services

Integrating policy controls for your data protection solutions help deliver value to your service

Managed services

We combine some of our service offerings with managed service options

Using a managed service not only ensure that your service and data are being monitored and managed to defined standards and processes, but it also gives more time back to your staff, allowing them to focus on other business activities.

Evolving solutions

We help keep you up to date and ahead of the game

As regulations and guidelines change, our experts adapt our managed solutions, so you remain at the leading edge of best practice in the industry.

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