Cloud Data Management

We enable state of the art cloud solutions that meet the demands of today’s businesses

Businesses want choice and greater flexibility in their choices in order to respond to growing internal and external demands placed on them.

We help them achieve this using a suite of cloud services that allow our customers to expand when they need it.

Pay As You Grow

We deliver services that enable customers to only pay for the cloud storage they are using now


All of our cloud solutions employ effective encryption techniques on both data at-rest and whilst in transit

Effective Central Management

Manage both your local and global infrastructure and users through centralised data management portals

Operating globally

Using the cloud shouldn’t restrict your choice

ORIIUM operates its cloud data services both in the UK and globally, enabling business to enjoy highly available and securely protected cloud data solutions, available in the region and geographical area that matters to them.

According to Gartner, software-defined infrastructures (SDIs) are one of the top IT trends with the greatest possible impact on an enterprise’s infrastructure and operations (I&O):

“SDIs could be seen as a tipping point in how I&O looks at overall IT strategy, moving away from a model where performance, support and availability of a discrete datacentre was the objective, to a role where applications and data will reside and execute wherever it’s most appropriate for the business – whether that’s on premises, in a hosting or colocation site, or even provided via a cloud service.”

David Cappuccio, research vice-president at Gartner

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