AWS & Azure

Transition data and workloads to public cloud platforms

Public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS offer feature-rich solutions that can be accessed quickly and typically enabled on-demand for customers in order to fulfil short tasks or even provide continuous services against scalable compute and storage capabilities and high availability uptime.

On-Demand Flexibility

Workloads and services can be accessed when needed to react to business demand


Access and store your data in more regions across for globe as needed

High Availability

Public Cloud platforms attain much higher uptime and availability for services

ORIIUM enable public cloud transition

Knowing where you are is fundamental to understanding how to get to where you want to be

Whether a business is looking to refresh their infrastructure or software, or maybe they have a desire to move their data or applications to a public cloud platform, ORIIUM can help businesses achieve their digital data and application strategy.

Helping you choose the right solutions

We have the right experts and the right tools

ORIIUM can help businesses to choose the appropriate solution and best execution venue for their infrastructure and data protection needs. Our solution experts can enable you to configure, optimise and enable services that meet your needs and those of your own customers.

Public Cloud Services

We can help customers with their journey to or within Public Cloud platforms, enabling them to transform their services, migrate their data and ensure efficient platform usage

Azure Health Check
Azure Health Check
How healthy and efficient is your platform?
Azure Health Check
Azure Consultancy
Azure Consultancy
Skilled consultancy around the Microsoft Azure Platform
Azure Consultancy

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