App Intelligence

Enabling businesses to understand their expansive software estate

Knowing where you are can be the first step to enabling you to progress forward. We provide the tools and know how to identify what you have and how its being used across your business platforms and users.

Application Utilisation

Understand how your users interact with the software, how often and when they use them

Application Performance

Does your hardware match the demand of all the applications utilised by your users?

End of Life Cycle

Identify software that should be upgraded, replaced or removed from your estate

Is performance impacting productivity?

Find out if the experience your users are receiving is impacted by the performance of the hardware being used

We help you identify slowness through app latency and high resource utilisation against individual applications, giving you the intelligence to make necessary decisions regarding a hardware refresh.

Understanding the detail

We analyse and assess your estate

Our specialist application team can help you optimise the user experiences, improve performance and and enable user tooling which can reduce the overheads of management and support across your application estate.

Application Solutions

We deliver specialist solutions based around your business applications and users

Application Analysis
Application Analysis
Application efficiency
Application Analysis

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