App Delivery

Revise, rehost, redesign or reinvent your applications

We can help you with your application transformation requirements to enable your organisation to align quickly and effectively with your business needs.

App Virtualisation

Separate your applications from the desktop operating system and enable them to be streamlined to your users


Deliver centrally hosted and maintained applications to improve management and support

Re-packaging Apps

Update, add service packs and other software dependencies into a new deployable MSI package

Bring consistency to your application estate

Over time your users and their devices can deviate from your gold image or software checklist, causing inconsistency in the standard of applications within the estate. Updating or deploying the software can then be due to this lack of consistency.

With Application Packaging, we can update or provide a level of consistency by building in patches, service packs and other updates needed in your base application. We can also add 3rd party software dependencies to ensure that the target devices receive a single MSI deployable package that contains a complete wrap of all software needed to complete your deployment.

Virtualise your applications

Overcome integration and compatibility issues by transforming your existing and older applications into a virtualised technology environment, whilst also improving your organisation’s agility to meet business demands.

Using Application Virtualisation, organisations don’t have to worry about timely deployments and compatibility with base software and operating systems. Using multiple delivery methods, users can access applications on-demand or receive multiple versions of the same application to suit their requirements, whilst also allowing them to access these packages on the devices they choose.

Application Solutions

We deliver specialist solutions based around your business applications and users

Application Analysis
Application Analysis
Application efficiency
Application Analysis
Application Compatibility Testing
Application Compatibility Testing
Ensuring platform and operating system compatibility
Application Compatibility Testing
Application Packaging
Application Packaging
Traditional application packaging for deployment
Application Packaging

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