App Consolidation

We can help you to reduce costs in your software estate

Do you have too many applications for the same purpose which all need separate licenses and support contracts? Are your staff utilising all of the applications you have given them?

We can help businesses understand opportunities to reduce costs through the identification of software rationalisation and license consolidation.

Reduce Licensing

We help identify opportunities to drive down costs of current and future licensing

Un-used Software

Find out which applications are not used or under-utilised by the business

Version Duplication

Ascertain if there duplicate software versions being used within your estate?

Can you reduce support and management costs?

Through application analysis, you can find out

Consolidating the applications needed within your business estate can drastically help to reduce the overhead of your IT resource to support and manage them day to day.

Are you oversubscribed or under-utilising licensing?

Do you know if you are compliant with your software licensing? Using Application intelligence, you can understand who uses certain applications and identify opportunities to reduce licensing or purchase more as needed to meet business demands.

Application Solutions

We deliver specialist solutions based around your business applications and users

Application Analysis
Application Analysis
Application efficiency
Application Analysis

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